The Masterclasses 2022: 10 practical tips to help you succeed as a travel photographer


7. Do your preparation and research to line up the best shots

Our experts agreed that great travel photography normally needs hours of research and preparation ahead of a trip, whether you’re looking for the best locations or trying to secure an all-important interview.

“For magic to happen, most of the time we need to be in the right place at the right time with the right contact,” explained Yulia. “There’s a lot of research that goes into that, as well as logistical elements like setting up interviews,” she said. “That’s where tourism boards can be very helpful, because they’re the people who are most knowledgeable about a given area.”

8. Deliver a well-presented final product

For our panellists, much of the hard work comes at the end of a trip. From editing images to ensuring you’ve met your client’s brief, it’s important to think how you can create a final product that really stands out.

“You want to keep your final board [of images] very tight — think about what will catch the eye and stand out,” said Francesco. “[Aim for] 15 to 20 pictures, up to a maximum of 30, and put these all together in one single file — ideally a PDF. Make sure you start well and finish well, with dynamic presentation that will keep the interest of the editor.”

9. Stay humble and keep learning

A recurring theme across each travel photography session was the need to keep learning and developing your skills. “Be humble,” advised Lauryn. “There’s always someone doing better work than you, and you should always keep learning. The most important thing for me in the past decade is to keep learning on the job.”

Annapurna echoed Lauryn’s advice: “If you are passionate about photography, you naturally look at a lot of other people’s work,” she said. “It’s really nice to get ideas about different ways to use light and different ways to shoot stories.”

10. Be persistent and never give up

Finally, our experts emphasised the need to be persistent and patient as you build your travel photography career.

“This can be a really long game — you have to be patient,” said Yulia. “People often start pitching and stop when they don’t see immediate results. Those of us who are still in the industry are here because we didn’t stop pitching our stories and sharing our pictures. If we can do it, you can, too. If this is your passion, you just have to keep going.”

The Masterclasses by National Geographic Traveller (UK) will return in 2023.

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A passion for photography and flight


Perth aviation photographer Richard Kreider has taken a stunning image of a Qantas 787 after lift-off from Perth on its non-stop journey to London.

The Qantas 787, VH-ZND “Emily” operated QF9 from Perth to London on October 29.

Born at a US Air Force base in France during the Cold War years, Mr Kreider jokes that his first breath probably had a liberal dose of fumes from aircraft engines.

And that exposure continued, living under the flight path to Heathrow in his teenage years and he joined the Air Training Corps.

Cathay Pacific A350 lands through fog at Perth Airport.
Camera IconCathay Pacific A350 lands through fog at Perth Airport. Credit: RICHARD KREIDER

Aviation lives alongside his passion for soccer — he is a member of the Football Hall of Fame WA and part of the FFA National Panel of Football Historians.

Mr Kreider says that night flight photography is a real adventure.

“It’s the thrill of the chase and the accounting for the contrasting weather conditions such as rain and fog,” he says.

Emirates 777 about to land in Perth as an almost full moon seemingly looks on.
Camera IconEmirates 777 about to land in Perth as an almost full moon seemingly looks on. Credit: Richard Kreider

Resolving the technical issues of correct lighting, focus and framing are testing factors of this challenging photography.

“When all of these factors align and a great shot is achieved, then getting up at 2am is worthwhile,” he says.

The results are more than worthwhile, with many of Mr Kreider’s night pictures being used across the globe.

Some of Mr Kreider’s most popular images are of an Emirates Boeing 777 framed by the moon, a Virgin Australia Regional Airlines Fokker 100 landing in rain and a Cathay Pacific Airways A350-900 landing in fog.

Perth Airport is also helping aviation enthusiasts with more viewing areas planned in conjunction with the building on the new parallel runway expected later this decade.


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