Jayaram: K Jayaram, Pioneer Of Macro Photography, Dies At 74 In City | Coimbatore News


Coimbatore: K Jayaram, 74, a noted nature photographer with several national and international awards to his credit passed away after a prolonged illness in the city on Sunday.
Jayaram, considered a pioneer in macro photography, had a species of frog (Raorchestes jayarami) found in Valparai, and a spider (Myrmarachne jayaramani), named after him. His five-decade long work in nature photography had been documented in a film titled ‘Insects to infinity.’
Jayaram, a bachelor and a native of Coimbatore, dedicated his life, from the age of 14 when he first got a camera, to photography and nature.
A relative of Jayaram said he was fighting Hodgkin lymphoma, a type of cancer, and was under treatment for the past few months. As his condition deteriorated, he was admitted to a hospital a week ago. On Sunday, multiple organs failed resulting in his demise.
Environmentalists and photographers alike said Jayaram’s demise was a great loss to the fields of nature as well as photography. If his first passion of photography drove him to develop his own techniques in developing negatives used in the film roll cameras and even design lenses, he chose nature as his favourite subject for photographing.
The twin passions led him to take some of the breathtaking photos published in acclaimed journals across the world including National Geographic. He was awarded the distinction of excellence from Federation Internationale de l’Art Photographique (FIAP), an international organisation of national associations of photography, twice. He also wrote two books, one on butterflies and the other on Silent Valley.