Photographer Benedek Lampert Creates Miniature Action-Packed Scenes Made With Toys

Hungarian toy photographer Benedek Lampert creates miniature action-packed scenes made with toys. Lampert, the talented photographer, is on a creative journey to construct miniature realms from the simplest of settings. Whether it’s a humble kitchen table or a picturesque outdoor locale, Benedek’s passion knows no bounds.

The allure of secrets and the mysteries that lie behind captivating photographs are universal. And for Benedek, the fascination extends to behind-the-scenes glimpses, offering a glimpse into the captivating world of toy photography.

Benedek embarked on this artistic endeavor in June 2016, driven by a profound affection for LEGO and the captivating narratives these tiny figurines could weave. Every photograph he captures is a quest for authenticity and dynamism, achieved through the meticulous crafting of genuine backdrops. But now, he’s prepared to introduce us to an entirely new universe—a miniature realm, born from the amalgamation of LEGO and various other elements.

The compilation presented here is a testament to Benedek’s last seven years of work, showcasing the most intriguing and amusing “behind the scenes” moments from his artistic odyssey.

Scroll down and inspire yourself. Please check Benedek ’s Website and Instagram for more amazing work.

You can find more info about Benedek Lampert:

#1 Would You Live Here?

#2 Obviously Stranger Things Is A Mandatory Topic! The Light Rays Are Photoshopped

Remarkably, Benedek eschews Photoshop manipulation for practical effects, be it the billowing smoke, ethereal fog, explosive spectacles, or wintry snowstorms (although, he concedes, the lightsabers and car lamp flares are pure fabrication). Instead, he meticulously crafts indoor scenes and scouts out the ideal outdoor locales, like serene parks. He’ll even resort to techniques like water-spraying and smoke-blowing to capture that perfect shot when necessary.

Dealing with natural effects, such as mud or smoke, poses a unique challenge. The outcome can never be precisely predicted, and Benedek often invests countless hours into each photograph, striving to capture the elusive essence of these fleeting moments.

#3 This Is The Place Where I Could Go Anytime. This Image Means The Absolute Chill For Me

#4 Typical Outdoor Scenery. This Little Tree Was Actually Growing There. I Just Built The Others Around It

#5 “We Have A Lift-Off!” I Used Cottonwool Balls As Smoke

Seven years ago, the captivating journey of toy photography began. The inception of my creative voyage into this realm took shape with my very first LEGO photo series, a milestone that marked my foray into the art form. My heart beats for the cinematic aesthetics, for the intricate craft of conjuring miniature worlds that resonate with imagination. Toy photography has proven to be the ideal conduit for this artistic yearning, offering limitless possibilities that transcend the boundaries of reality.

My affair with photography predates my exploration of toy photography. Back in 2007, at the tender age of 12, I took my initial steps into the world of photography. It was the genesis of a lifelong passion, a prelude to my evolution as an artist. While I cherish the diversity of photography genres, there is one that truly feels like an extension of my very soul—toy photography. It’s a realm where I can express my unique vision and create art that is distinctly my own.



#8 Great Scott! I Used Light Painting Technique With The Flames And Lightnings

#9 World War II. In A Galaxy Far Far Away

#10 Santa Claus Drives An Old-Timer Truck With An Oversized Present… Logical Isn’t It?

#11 The Mandalorian Is Literally A Space Western, So I Made A Classical Showdown Scene

#12 Not Just Racing Cars Amazed Me. This Vintage Beauty Is Also Close To My Heart

#13 Battle Of Hoth With Powdered Sugar

#14 Product Photography Can Be As Exciting And Unusual As A Toy Photo. I Love To Mix This Two Genres

#15 I Used The Actual Budapest As Background

#16 Dry Ice And LEGO Delorean, Perfect Match

#17 Bonjour Mon Chéri


#19 This Is The Ultimate Ucs LEGO Star Destroyer. Because Of Its Brutal Size I Had To Use A Giga-LED Panel, Where I Displayed The Planet’s Background

#20 Aldrin Is Coming Out From The Lunar Modul

#21 I Shot This Gunship Image In A Bauxite Mine, Because This Terra Is Like Another Planet


#23 The Bad Batch



#26 Unexpected Attack

#27 Vintage Drift. I Suffered So Much With The Smoke, Because It Was Hard To Blew Straight Behind The Car

#28 Back To The Wild West

#29 Only For Chili Monsters

#30 Nature Makes The Best Sceneries. This Place Is An Abandoned Quarry

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Winners announced in hotly-contested Wicklow nature photography contest

Mark Caffrey’s’ winning entry in Blessington Tourist Office’s ‘Wicklow Wildlife and Nature’ photography competition.

David Halpin pictured with winner of the ‘Wicklow Wildlife and Nature’ photography competition, Mark Caffrey, and Blessington Tourist Office Manager, Martin Cahill.

Stephen Lyons’ second place entry in Blessington Tourist Office’s ‘Wicklow Wildlife and Nature’ photography competition.

Chris Howe’s third place entry in Blessington Tourist Office’s ‘Wicklow Wildlife and Nature’ photography competition.

The Blessington Tourist Office in west Wicklow has announced the winners in the final of their ‘Wicklow Wildlife and Nature’ photography competition.

In a very tightly fought race, Mark Caffrey came in first place with his stunning photo of a Barn Owl in flight, while second place went to Stephen Lyons and his Blessington sunset image, and Chris Howes finished third with his snap of two birds.

“The standard of image this year was incredible, and we would like to thank every single person who entered, as well as those who took the time to vote,” a Blessington Tourist Office spokesperson said.

“A special thanks to Charles Camping and Blessington Lakes Golf Club who very kindly provided our first and second prizes.

“All 12 round qualifiers will now appear in our 2024 calendar, which will be on sale here in the office in November.”

Green comet Nishimura survives its superheated slingshot around the sun. Will we get another chance to see it?

A sunrise with a comet in the sky

A recently discovered green comet, named Nishimura, has survived its close encounter with the sun and begun its journey back into the outer reaches of the solar system. Once gone, it won’t return for around 430 years. But it could be visible over the next few weeks, depending on where you live.

Comet Nishimura, also known as C/2023 P1, was first spotted falling rapidly toward the sun on Aug. 12 by amateur Japanese astronomer Hideo Nishimura. The icy object has a green glow caused by high levels of dicarbon in its coma — the cloud of gas and dust that surrounds its solid core.

The comet’s trajectory initially suggested that it may have been a potential interstellar object, like ‘Oumuamua or Comet 2I/Borisov, that was making its first and final trip through the solar system. However, further observation revealed that it actually has an extremely elliptical orbit, which only brings it into the inner solar system every 430 years before slingshotting around the sun and returning to the Oort Cloud — a reservoir of comets and other icy objects beyond the orbit of Neptune.

On Sept. 12, Comet Nishimura made its closest approach to Earth, passing within 78 million miles (125 million kilometers) of the planet, or roughly 500 times the average distance between Earth and the moon. And on Sept. 17, the comet reached perihelion, or the closest point to the sun, when it dipped within 20.5 million miles (33 million km) of our home star.

Related: City-size comet headed toward Earth ‘grows horns’ after massive volcanic eruption

A black diagram with colored lines showing the orbits of planets and Comet Nishimura around the sun

Getting so close to the sun can be deadly for comets. The increased heat and radiation can cause them to shatter into many smaller pieces. However, Nishimura appears to have emerged mostly unscathed, according to

As Comet Nishimura moves away from the sun and slightly toward Earth it will become fractionally brighter as more light reflects off its coma, which will have grown slightly from its brush with the sun. But this doesn’t necessarily mean we will be able to see it any better.

The comet’s trajectory and close proximity to the sun only make it visible near the horizon shortly before sunrise or shortly after sunset. It’s also much dimmer than it was on its approach to Earth, when it became clearly visible to the naked eye. As a result, you need a strong telescope or specialized astrophotography equipment to catch a decent sight of the comet.

Astrophotographer Petr Horalek captured a blurry shot of the comet (shown below) on Sept. 17 above Slovakia’s Mount Lysa, shortly after the sun reached its closest point to the sun. However, he could not see the comet without his equipment, he told Live Science in an email.

A sunset image with a faint comet in the sky surrounded by a white ring

However, if you live in Australia, your chances of being able to catch a glimpse of Nishimura with your own eyes are slightly better over the next week. Between Sept. 20 and Sept. 27, the comet will set around one hour after the sun, the furthest distance away from our home star over the next few weeks. And the increased separation will make it appear brighter to observers in this part of the world, Live Science’s sister site reported.

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—Optical illusion gives rare green comet an ‘anti-tail’ that seemingly defies physics

—In a 1st, scientists predicted that volcanic comet was due to pop ‘like a Champagne bottle’ — and it did

—Blazing comet tail is whipped by solar winds in astonishing astronomy photo

However, the rest of us may still get another chance to spot the comet later in the year — or perhaps some scattered bits of it.

Some experts believe Nishimura could potentially be the source of the annual Sigma-Hydrids meteor shower, a minor shower that peaks annually in early December, according to the astronomy news site EarthSky. If this is the case, then Nishimura’s passing could cause this year’s shower to be much more active and visually stunning than normal. Further observations in December could help confirm or disprove this theory.

Photography festival in ancient Chinese city draws 13,961 works

Visitors view the photos at a photography exhibition held during the 23rd Pingyao International Photography Festival in Pingyao, Shanxi province on Sep 19, 2023. [Zhu Xingxin/]

TAIYUAN — The 23rd Pingyao International Photography Festival kicked off on Tuesday in Pingyao, a UNESCO World Cultural Heritage Site known for its well-preserved ancient architecture, in North China”s Shanxi province.

Themed “New Light, New Orientation” this year, the six-day festival has attracted 13,961 works by over 2,000 photographers from 28 countries.

The festival is divided into five major sections with 16 units. More than 120 educational institutions, 12 of them from overseas, are participating in one of the units, a record high for the festival.

Advocating diversity, internationalism and professionalism, the annual festival, launched in 2001, has attracted over 290,000 photography works from more than 100 countries and regions, and is considered an important platform for cross-cultural communication.

Winners of Friends of Old Woman Creek photo contest announced

Winners of the Friends of Old Woman Creek 2023 photo contest will be on display beginning Sept. 18 at the visitor center at Old Woman Creek State Nature Preserve and National Estuarine Research Reserve, 2514 Cleveland Road East in Huron, the start of National Estuaries Week, according to a news release.

Emily Green of Sandusky won first-place in the adult category with her photo of a chipmunk in a shaft of light, according to the release.

James Daneker, of Milan, won first place in the teen category. (Submitted)

James Daneker of Milan won first place in teen category with a photo of a monarch butterfly on a flower, the release said.

Green and Daneker will receive $30 each, according to the release.

Retired Plain Dealer photographer Lynn Ischay judged the entries.

“Green’s photo was technically beautiful, in challenging light and the photographer had to be silent and invisible to catch that moment,” Ischay said in the release.

Rob Meyer, of Milan, won second place. (Submitted)

Second place and $20 went to Robert Meyer of Milan according to the release.

“Seeing a third bald eagle landing to join the other adult and juvenile is a stunning opportunity,” Ischay said.

Jennifer Yingling of Sandusky won third place. (Submitted)

The shot of a great blue heron among the lotus by Jennifer Yingling of Sandusky won third place and $10.

All winners receive a year’s membership in the Friends of Old Woman Creek, according to the release.

The winning photos will be on display beginning Oct. 5 at the Huron Public Library, 333 Williams St. in Huron, the release said.

Honorable mentions winners were Katie Myer of Sandusky, Robert Myer of Sandusky, Loretta Majoy of Huron and Angela Schindler of Vermilion.

30 Hilarious Moments Of Animals In Snacktime Mishaps

Our beloved pets have an uncanny ability to bring boundless joy to our lives, even in their most mischievous moments. Despite the occasional heart-stopping escapade, our furry companions always manage to charm their way back into our affections with their endearing antics.

The following gallery of images showcases animals caught in the act of some petty mischief that didn’t quite go as planned. These snapshots capture them as the ‘red-pawed’ culprits they are – but their real crime is their talent for melting our hearts. Scroll below to enjoy an irresistible collection of photos featuring animals who found themselves on the wrong side of luck but the right side of adorableness.

Scroll down and enjoy yourself. All photos are linked and lead to the sources from which they were taken. Please feel free to explore further works of these photographers on their collections or their personal sites.

#1 So, My Dad Recently Got A New Squirrel-Proof Bird Feeder

Image source: cactipus

#2 I Don’t Know How, But He Somehow Got Himself Stuck In A Froot Loops Cereal Box

Image source: missayan

#3 Someone Got Their Head Stuck While Trying To Sneak Some More Food. Caught Red-Handed

Image source:

#4 My Dad Just Took Home Two New Bulldog Puppies. One Of Them Just Got Their Head Stuck In The Food Bowl Slot. I’m Dying Of Cuteness

Image source: babypton

#5 This Dummy Got Her Head Stuck In A Bag Of Cheese-Its

Image source: BMOforlife

#6 If Eyes Could Ever Say “Help Me” This Is It

Image source: ChrisRCross

#7 At Least He’s Stuck Somewhere Tasty

Image source: Tr0nJ0n

#8 This Dummy Got His Head Stuck In An Acorn (I Removed It)

Image source: pepperunderfoot

#9 Came Into The Room To My Puppy Just Sitting Completely Still With His Head Stuck

Image source: Nibbler247

#10 My Little Rocket Scientist Got A Planter Stuck To Her Head Trying To Drink Rainwater. All While Having Just Drank From Her Big Fresh Bowl In The House

Image source: Burnvictim49percent

#11 Poor Girl Got Her Face Stuck In A Milkshake Cup. She’s Such A Mellow Dog That She Didn’t Even Try To Remove It Herself. Just Looked At Us For Help

Image source: Jpyzik68

#12 A Squirrel Got Stuck In My Bird Feeder Upside Down. I Set It Free

Image source: sarahtron1212

#13 Oh, Hi

Image source:

#14 Dutch Police Dog Gets Stuck In A Yogurt Pot

Image source: Pleasureman_Gunther

#15 This Jerk Got A Bone Stuck On Her Jaw Yesterday. Vet Had To Cut It Off

Image source: BizRec

#16 Goofy Likes Getting Himself Stuck In The Fridge

Image source: JGruesome

#17 My Dog Tried To Eat A Bagel. And It Got Stuck

Image source: moomooplatter, moomooplatter

#18 Deckle, Our Shar-Pei/Pit Mix, Was Sniffing Around For Crumbs When He Got A Little Stuck

Image source: maggiemazz29

#19 Brigand Got His Head Stuck Into The (Freeze-Dried Chicken) Treat Jar And Now He Looks Like A Demon And Omg I’m Dying

Image source: Madfluffs

#20 So You’re Stuck, Eh?

Image source: Pinterest

#21 Rabbit In A Glass

Image source: madscientitz

#22 My Cat Was Looking For Food And Got Her Head Stuck In A Tim Horton’s Bag. My First Instinct Was To Take A Picture Before Helping Her

Image source: JoeyDeNiro

#23 Oh, The Shame! Had To Chase This Stray Kitty Around The Yard To Remove The Peanut Butter Jar Stuck On His Head. It’s Not Even The Brand We Buy

Image source: AmberCarpes

#24 Blessed Pup With A Face Stuck In The Cat Bowl

Image source: Larrythcat

#25 This Gentleman Was Apprehended Today While Committing A Burglary Of A Vending Machine At Pine Ridge High School

Image source: VolusiaSheriff

#26 We Never Claimed He Was Smart

Image source: marygigi14

#27 She Got Her Head Stuck

Image source: Liftingorthis

#28 Woke Up To Marlow Stuck In His Hay Feeder. He ran straight for his water when I let him out so I really wish I knew how long he was stuck.

Image source: blackbeary802

#29 These Happy Meal Toys Are Getting Out Of Hand

Image source: batmaninwonderland

#30 He Fell Into Our Cat Food Bin And Couldn’t Get Out

Image source: Asraia

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Pelicans On The Sand: Photo Of The Day

CORONADO, CA — Coronado resident and Patch reader Kim Johnson captured this photo while walking along Imperial Beach.

“I got this photograph of the TJ Bull Ring and the Mexican Border Wall,” she said. “It provided an interesting backdrop to the flock of pelicans, along the Tijuana Slough outlet.”

Thanks for sharing!

If you have an awesome picture of nature, breathtaking scenery, kids caught being kids, a pet doing something funny or something unusual you happen to catch with your camera, we’d love to feature it on Patch.

We’re looking for high-resolution, horizontal images that reflect the beauty that is San Diego County, and that show off your unique talents.

Send your photos to Be sure to include photo credit information, when and where the shot was taken, and any other details about what was going on.

Wildlife photography workshop at IIIT-Basar

(From left) RGUKT-Basar director P. Sathish Kumar, course designer K. Santhosh Kumar, RGUKT-Basar vice-chancellor V. Venkataramana and Hiten Bhimani of NEWS.

Vice-Chancellor of Rajiv Gandhi University of Knowledge Technologies (RGUKT-Basar) V. Venkata Ramana announced that a wildlife and environmental photography workshop will be held in Basar in December 2023.

Director Satish Kumar Peddapalli and founder of Kakatiya Sandbox (Nizamabad) Raju Reddy, who officially presented a letter to president of Nizamabad Environment and Wildlife Society (NEWS) M. Rajender Reddy, were also present.

The workshop will take place every Saturday from 4 p.m. to 7 p.m. for theory sessions and every Sunday from 6. a.m. to 10 a.m. for practical sessions.

The course is a collaboration between RGUKT-Basar and NEWS. Nature lover and CEO of Navyabharathi Global School (Nizamabad) K. Santhosh Kumar and founder of NEWS Hiten Bhimani will lead the course.

“The wildlife and environmental photography workshop aims to empower participants with the technical skills, ethical considerations and practical experience essential for success in the field of wildlife and environmental photography,” Prof. Venkata Ramana said.

“Through this course, we seek to foster a deep sense of responsibility and respect for nature and wildlife, encouraging ethical photography practises,” he said.

Prof. Venkata Ramana also expressed pleasure and enthusiasm as the whole concept reflected the university’s commitment to promoting a harmonious relationship between humans and the environment. He highlighted the significance of nurturing young talent to become responsible stewards of our planet.

Mr. Santhosh Kumar, one of the course designers and founder members of the NEWS, addressed the student community, sharing his passion for wildlife and environmental photography and emphasizing the transformative potential of this workshop.

“We invite all aspiring wildlife and environmental photographers to join us on this exciting journey towards capturing the beauty of our natural world while preserving its splendor. For further details and enrolment information, please visit our university website,” he said.

Austin’s Premier Fine Arts Photography Studio Transforms Love & Intimacy Into Art

House of Secrets Boudoir by Tanya Eivin Photography Enhances Its Services to Include Couple Boudoir Sessions

AUSTIN, Texas, Sept. 19, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — Today, House of Secrets by Tanya Eivin Photography, Austin’s premier fine arts boudoir studio, is thrilled to offer couples the opportunity to transform their love and intimacy into art through a boudoir photography session.

Mr. and Mrs. R’s adventure.

Bolstered by a shift in body positivity and the rise in people’s desire to own their sexuality and sensuality, boudoir photography has enjoyed a surge in popularity over the last few years, but typically these sessions have been embraced predominantly by female clients. House of Secrets owner and lead photographer Tanya Metaxa wants to change that by inviting couples into the studio. The intimate nature of boudoir photography allows people to delve deeper into their most inner selves. For couples, this is a unique opportunity to experience this together while creating lasting memories and timeless heirlooms.

A boudoir photo session with your partner isn’t an ordinary photography session. It’s a chance to explore your relationship and each other––with no judgment and in a safe and welcoming space. With help and guidance from the photographer, couples are given a rare chance to capture these beautiful fleeting moments that usually only happen behind the closed door. The result: unique, rebellious images that break down the barriers to intimacy.

“Love is beautiful. Intimacy is even better,” Tanya explained. “Boudoir for couples is an incredible art form focusing on intimacy, vulnerability, and raw chemistry between partners.”

For those intimidated by a boudoir photo shoot, Metaxa says you shouldn’t be. “Every single one of us and every body is beautiful. With our relaxed and safe environment, even the shyest clients find themselves having fun from the first click of the shutter. At House of Secrets, you’ll feel sexy and confident, and our couples will discover a stronger bond.”

“Being photographed together in an intimate and judgment-free setting brings a unique edge to the session, creating unparallel, sensuous, and daring images that are sure to lead to long-lasting memories. Not only will the images last a lifetime, so will the adventurous feeling.”

Tanya divulged couple boudoir is limitless. “Whether you’ve been together for one year or twenty, any couple can benefit from a boudoir session. It’s a very special experience unlike any other.”

No two love stories are the same, and House of Secrets wants to tell those stories through fine art photography. Couples can explore their sensuality and reclaim the power that comes from embracing their unique beauty. Bedroom secrets can come to life—safely in a comfortable studio setting. Couples enjoy the freedom to be daring without consequence.

Metaxa explained why House of Secrets feels so passionately about this new service. “There’s something magical about being in love. It’s a feeling of connection, adventure, and security—all at once. That feeling can be intense, and it can also be electrifying. Our couple sessions bring their love stories to life and celebrate the beauty of relationships.”

For more information on scheduling a session, visit the House of Secrets website.

About House of Secrets by Tanya Eivin Photography

House of Secrets by Tanya Eivin Photography is a luxury boudoir photography studio located in Austin, Texas. More than a photography studio, House of Secrets is your partner in becoming someone who is at peace with their body and mind, and discovering and embracing their uniqueness where society sees flaws. House of Secrets delivers timeless photography in an inclusive, safe, welcoming, and judgment-free space for clients of all genders.

Tanya Metaxa
Phone: (512) 866-6565

A moment of revelation.


View original content to download multimedia:–intimacy-into-art-301930847.html

SOURCE Tanya Eivin Photography

Winning Photos Of The Independent Photographer’s Travel Photography Contest 2023

Explore the outcomes of the Travel Photography Awards presented by The Independent Photographer, held in July and August 2023. During this vibrant summer season, we sought images that captured the essence of a place in all its magnificence, evoking cherished memories. Regardless of the subject – be it Street, Portrait, Landscape, or Documentary photography – we aimed to embark on a visual and intellectual journey through your lens!

Our distinguished judge for this event was none other than Steve McCurry, a luminary in contemporary photography for over three decades. His unparalleled body of work encompasses iconic images that have left an indelible mark on our times. McCurry’s portfolio spans the spectrum from documenting conflicts and preserving vanishing cultures to exploring ancient traditions and contemporary life. Throughout, he maintains a profound connection to the human element, a quality that imbued his iconic Afghan Girl image with its extraordinary power.

Scroll down and inspire yourself, Check their website for more information.

You can find more info about The Independent Photographer:

#1 Winning Photographer By Stefano Lotumolo – $1000

Goli Dance” – Yamoussoukro, Ivory Coast: Goli is a traditional African dance and masquerade of the Baoulé people of the Ivory Coast. Over 24 hours all Baoulé villages play music and the dancers wear four different types of masks, all of which refer to the social and generational structure of the society.

#2 Second Prize By Emilio Fuliotti – $600

“Football pier” – Mabul island, Sabah, Malaysia – Boys of the Bajau Laut tribe, or ‘Sea Nomads’, are playing football on their village pier, on the island of Mabul, in Malaysia. Needless to say, the ball was more often in the water than on the pier…

#3 Third Prize By Shyjith Onden Cheriyath – $400

“Tradition” – Ras Al Khaimah, United Arab Emirates – Every winter at Ras Al Khaimah, camel handlers take their camels into the sea for a wash and bathe. The saltwater helps rid the animals of parasites. Bathing camels in this way is an old Arab tradition, but it is becoming less common in the region due to the construction of new hotels and resorts along the coastline.

#4 Didier Vanderperre – Finalist

“Sunrise at Cox’s Bazar” – Bangladesh – On a clear day the sun rises at Cox’s Bazar fish market.

#5 Ivo Danchev – Finalist

“Kukeri tradition” – Rila, Bulgaria – Every winter, masked dancers, dressed up in goat skins perform pagan rituals. The masks allow the dancer to become a supernatural being and to enter the spirit world where he chases away the evil spirits of the old year and brings blessings and health to the new year. it is an ages-old tradition which is still well preserved around Bulgaria. There are more than 10,000 Kukeri organized in small groups around Bulgaria.

#6 Lorenzo Perotti – Finalist

“Pray above the clouds” – Ladakh, India – Two little monks follow the puja, or morning prayer, in the monastery of Hemis, in Ladakh, India.

#7 Lonav Bharali – Finalist

“Well Rested” – Guwahati, India – A fisherman is taking a power nap in the quiet of the afternoon.

#8 Eduardo Ortiz – Finalist

“Ghats and souls” – Varanasi, India – Early morning scene capturing the reflection of pilgrims, seemingly walking on the horizon in Varanasi, India.

#9 Henryk Welle – Finalist

“Everflow” – Southern Thailand – Aerial view of an exceptional sunrise in south Thailand

#10 Parna Baharali – Finalist

“Existence” – Within the frame of existence, I find myself positioned at a juncture where the very essence of choice unfolds. The road diverges, each path a symphony of promises and tales, inviting me to step into their narratives of uncharted realms and boundless wonders. Here, in this crossroads of destiny, the interplay of paths and decisions weaves the tapestry of our voyage, a testament to the profound intermingling of direction and daring within the tapestry of life’s odyssey.

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